The practice of Sky Yoga releases your mind and body and your sensory awareness from the constraints of floor based practise. In essence, Sky Yoga provides an extra dimension for the release of your sensory energies, and the feeling of excitement as you are able to reach and stretch and twist and transform your suspended body using dynamic movements. Sky Yoga will help increase your core body strength, and exercise muscles that are rarely used, helping to stabilise  and restore your spinal column and energise your circulatory system through inversion and fluidity of movement.

Being able to invert and suspend your body takes the weight of your spine and allows decompression of the spinal core and discs as opposed to ore traditional handstands and headstands that result in compression of the spinal core. 

The suspended silk hammock becomes the anchor for exploring the new dimension with freedom of movement. You can develop physical body strength at the same time as exploring the flexibility of your body through new yoga poses.

There’s also an element of playfulness, and connection with friends, and that carefree floating, swinging, timeless feeling you’ll recall from the days of your childhood.

Our instructors are fully trained in Sky Yoga with qualifications from Radiantly Alive Yoga Studio.