Evellyn Howard

Eve started her development of mind and body when she joined a group of beach bootcamp friends in Bali several years ago. This fitness theme led to an interest in Yoga and the completion of her 200 hours of Yoga Teacher Training at Udana Yoga School in 2017 followed by classes in Arm Balance and Thai Massage Yoga, and certification in Yin Yoga and SUP (stand-up-paddle) Yoga. Eve specialises in regular classes for Power Yoga, focussing on dynamic movement, inversion, arm balance, fluidity and core strength development.
Yin Yoga classes are focussed on restorative balance of the inner body, including pranayama controlled breathing, stretching, and flexibility derived through calm and relaxing movement. SUP (stand-up-paddle) Yoga moves outdoors and challenges the body to focus on perfect balance in a fun environment while immersed in the soothing effects of wind, sun and water. SUP Yoga is for all ages and all levels of ability, even if you can’t swim.
Eve teaches yoga in regular classes in the Jimbaran and Uluwatu area, including corporate sessions, private villas, hotels and also classes specially crafted for people with limited mobility, lower back pain and sports injuries. She is also actively involved in yoga festivals around Bali. She believes yoga is for everyone, different age, shape, sizes and needs. Her main purpose is to encourage people to live a healthy lifestyle from inside and outside. She hopes that her approach to yoga brings benefit for the mind, body and soul.

Susan A. Tedjo Allison

Susan’s yoga journey began back in 2013 when she attended her first yoga class. At the time she was already involved in other workout activities like Pilates and boot camps at the beach to maintain her Fitness level.
Yoga was not a main priority until August 2016, when she made a decision to join a 50 hours Teacher Training Course with Udana Yoga Bali Academy. Her intention was to explore much deeper into what yoga was really all about.
To her surprise, the training was a real eye-opener. The physical challenges reminded her of her years of ballet in her youth. The feeling of enlightened, energized and refreshed after a yoga practice combined with the teaching knowledge, she had an overwhelming desire to share this passion and practice in which she helps to create a yoga community among her friends that continues to grow until now.

In May 2017 Susan completed her 200 hours of Yoga Teacher Training course at the same facility, followed by continuing educations of 50hours Yin Yoga & Trigger point therapy, 20hours of Stand Up Paddle Yoga for the pool & ocean, also attended numerous workshops such as Ashtanga Vinyasa, anti-gravity, acro yoga, arm balance, lower back pain therapy, and Thai yoga massage. She continues on her journey and will always try to be a student of the practice, and remains deeply grateful for the loving wisdom her teachers have shared with her.

Susan’s regular classes are in Jimbaran and Uluwatu area, in addition to that she also teaches at private homes/Villas/hotels, corporate groups, retreats, people with limited mobility as well as charity class for the breast cancer survivors collaborating with Bali Pink Ribbon Foundation.

In her classes, Susan offers pranayama, detailed verbal cues, modeling and hands on adjustments to help her students find a fuller experience in their yoga practice.
She likes to combine a playful and creative alignment-based sequencing, to help her students deepen their practice, explore their strengths, work on the focus and learn to find balance on and off the mat.
Susan hopes students leave her class feeling refreshed, strengthened, clear-minded and sweaty !

Luzi Pangemanan

Luzi started practicing yoga on the mat because she experienced lower back pain for several years, due to long desk-bound working hours plus carrying a “mobile office” on her backpack for many years.
After 15 years of yoga benefit for her mind, body and soul, Luzi joined the Udana Yoga School in 2018 for 50 hours TTC for a deeper understanding about yoga alignment and body anatomy, then continuing her yoga education towards 200 hours and final certification as a yoga teacher.
She strives to help students, especially beginners, to feel comfortable in their practices, learning essential postures and ensuring safe practices for everyone.
She is also interested in providing prenatal classes and enjoys doing yoga with kids. She is fully certified as SUP yoga teacher too.
Combining her experience and passion on communication and marketing she “reads” the mood of the class before the practice so she can give options to help them create their own yoga journey, and to ensure everyone enjoy their session.

Lynn Wira

Lynn is a certified fitness trainer specializing in women’s health and fitness. Specializing in strength training, Lynn seeks to help other women gain further understanding and to break the many misconceptions about females lifting weights in the gym, such as getting “bulky” and that workouts with lots of cardio training are the only best way to burn fat and loose weight. Whether you want to manage your weight, increase strength or build lean muscles, Lynn is your pick. In her classes you’ll have fun and feel pushed to see what you’re capable of. 

Lynn is also a certified pre- and postnatal trainer. She helps pregnant women stay fit during pregnancy and help to prepare themselves for their biggest marathon – birth! She also helps new moms reconnect with their body and re-strengthen their core before returning to exercise post birth. 

§ Fitness Trainer
§ Pre- & Postnatal Trainer
§ First Aid & CPR