Classic Hatha yoga is presented with subtle modifications that can be adjusted depending on the mood and participants of the class.
Mindful Flow is created as a series of simple and gentle poses. It’s good for beginners and for those who seek stretching and flexibility.
Power Yoga or Vinyasa is a faster flow with a more complicated transition, created for those who are already familiar with balance and poses and request a more advanced movement. This requires the development of core power to prepare for more challenging transitions through to arm balance or inversion.
Partner Yoga is a fun and playful yoga practice that you can share together with your friend or partner. It increases the sense of mutual trust and teaches you how to let go. Partner Yoga can lead to something more challenging such as Acro Yoga.
Our daily classes provide you the opportunity to mingle with other yogi with a likeminded passion.

Regular Schedules :
Monday       8.30am
Tuesday       7.00pm
Wednesday  5.00pm
Thursday     8.30am
Friday          5.00pm (Bali Pink Ribbon charity class)
Saturday      8.30am (Donation base class)

Class for ALL level
No Membership Fees !!!
Rp. 60K / visit
(Saturday : donation based)


WA : 0819 3603 2927 / 0816 579 679


Enjoy the convenience of your yoga practice at your home or villa at your preferred time. We can easily customize the yoga
style either for yourself or a group of friends and family. We can also arrange for your yoga mat and blocks. The price can
vary depending on the distance and the number of people joining. This practice can be regular or incidental.


Yoga on paddle board is super fun. Prepare to be thrilled, challenged and quickly addicted to the fluidity of yoga on a paddle board.
The changing sky above you and the cool water below brings the feeling of serenity and calmness to your yoga practice.
The sounds of nature and water make the perfect yoga music.
You’ll re-discover many simple yoga poses in a new dimension and this makes you humble as a yoga practitioner.
Balance, movement, judgement and concentration all demand a new level of strength and energy as your body, your mind, the board, the water and nature unite as one, a harmony of energy, tranquility and delight.
Confidence and calmness in the water will certainly help, but you don’t need to be a strong swimmer to enjoy the excitement of SUP Yoga.


Tuesday and Saturday 07.30-08.30 (Regular Group Class)
Other days are available on private bookings
Located at Intercontinental Pool, Jimbaran
Price : 350K (plus 10% Tax)


Depends on the weather and the tides
Located at Kelan Beach , Kedonganan, Jimbaran
Price : 350 thousand (plus 10% Tax)
Please make prior bookings due to limited spots available


For companies that wish to hold yoga practice for their staffs or customers, or for special corporate events, we can arrange a regular schedule to accommodate this service, either at their office or a preferred location. We can also do company events.


To deepen our interest and understanding of yoga practice, we provide yoga workshops and special classes designed to cater to your particular requirements. This is where we go to learn more about what we love in yoga, what we are intrigued about and want to understand better. The length of the workshop varies between 2-4 hours which gives more time for presentation, discussion, understanding and eventual relaxation. Occasionally we will team up with other yoga guru from different yoga studios so our students can get the benefit of experiencing different teachers


We can take yoga practice further by doing yoga retreats at an awesome venue, be it seaside, or clifftop or in the lush green forest. We work with you to create a wonderful weekend for relaxation and inner exploration. Take a step back from life’s daily pressures, business meetings and complication and connect your essence with the sounds and feelings of nature.

Whether you’re new to retreats or a regular participant, a retreat will leave you feeling inspired and healthier, more peaceful, relaxed and enjoying a more vibrant lifestyle.

We normally arrange for a 3 days-2 nights program that consists of daily yoga, fun filled activities, workshops and free time for yourself (if you choose to), and not to mention the delicious healthy meals, full on board, whether you’re vegetarian or…..not. Think of yoga by the beach with the breeze blowing on your face or maybe a session surrounded by the deep green forest with a trickling water sound as the background music.

Our retreats can be booked privately for a group of 10 people at your preferred date or simply join in one of our scheduled retreats. Check with us for a selection of retreat locations.

Price will vary depending on the venue and the selected program.