Citta means mind and Asana means posture for the body, so Cittasana means the union of posture for the body and for the mind. Our goal is to create the time and space for you to build a connection with your breath and to appreciate your own body by taking care of it while being aware of the mind. Thereby, we create a yoga flow that can be followed by anyone, regardless of your physical condition and body shape. Cittasana yoga is ideal for those who seek the gentle challenge of stretching the body or simply calming of the mind. Over time, we can work with you to perfect your yoga pose, to increase your flexibility and to develop a deeper understanding of the union of body and mind.

Susan and Evellyn are the co-founders of Cittasana Yoga. Their mission is to provide an active yoga center for people who live and work in the Jimbaran area. Jimbaran Hub offers pavilion and garden settings and a regular schedule of yoga classes for anyone who wants to share the spirit of asana in a community of friendship.If you have a passion for a healthy lifestyle and are seeking a balance between work and relaxation and the demands of everyday life, then yoga is a fun way to blend the benefits of physical activity with awareness of the mind, the body and the soul.

The traditional Dreamcatcher is a spiritual tool, used as a talisman to catch all dreams and filter out the good from the bad.

The Cittasana Yoga logo is colorful Dreamcatcher. It’s a symbol for people of any age, ability or body shape to capture your dreams of a healthy lifestyle through the freedom of yoga. The shape of the Dreamcatcher is a circle, representing the circle of life and friendship through yoga, complete and fulfilling, like the orbit of the earth and moon through the universe.

Our instructors will create a flow that can be followed by anyone and enjoyed by all. We believe that together with the physical benefits of a healthy and supple body, yoga flows deeper into the soul, releasing unwanted feelings, stress and negative emotions that no longer serve your purpose, to reach a simple happiness in life…selfcare.

Set in this beautiful lush garden in the tiered courtyard of Jimbaran Hub, you’ll discover a private yoga space that blends with the natural environment. Perfect for sunset yoga sessions where participants can wonder at the changing colors of the sky throughout the practice and soak in the magnificent view for savasana. In the event of inclement weather, we use the beautiful carved heritage ”joglo” at the garden entrance. The rich texture of the traditional Javanese carvings will soothe your soul during your savasana.