We bring yoga practice further by doing yoga retreats to an awesome venue. A wonderful weekend for relaxation and inner exploration. Take a step back from life’s daily pressure, business and complication and connect your essence with the nature. Whether you’re new to retreats or a regular, a retreat will leave you feeling inspired and healthier, more peaceful and vibrant life.

Our retreats program consists of daily yoga, fun filled activities, workshops and free time for yourself and not to mention delicious
healthy meal full on board whether you’re a vegetarian or….. not. We can customize the program according to your needs.

Think of yoga by the beach with the breeze blowing on your face or maybe surrounded by a luscious trees with trickling water sound as a background.

Please contact us for program and pricing!


$900 per person
  • A short holiday from busy schedule
  • Understanding of the QI (energy) in our body
  • QIQONG Practice Session
  • SOUND/GONG Healing Session
  • YIN Yoga Session
  • The BREATHE session
  • Knowing new friends
  • Understand the natural of QI (Energy) and bring into daily life style
  • Knowing love yourself is so easy & the most important than any other thing
  • More we should share during the course

The Retreat of Silence & Sound

$700 per person
  • A short holiday from busy schedule
  • Experience the stage of silence
  • Experience the state of sound & vibrations effect in our body
  • Detox – Emotion via the technique of learning
  • Detox – The vegetarian food prepare with love & care
  • Be mindfulness our daily action (Talk & movement)
  • Knowing new friends
  • Get inspired by everyone in the group especially by yourself
  • Understand the technique and bring into daily life style
  • Elevate your practice & life style
  • Remind or Recall the basic theory deep inside you
  • Knowing love yourself is important that any other thing
  • More we can share during the course

Immerse yourself into a deeper style, technique or approach over the course of a day, weekend or recurring series. Workshop has so many move qualities than just the physical practice on the mat (asana). It is a great way to break down certain concepts, postures or themes


Special class is designed for participants who want to intensify their practice into a deeper level, such as yoga nidra, chakra healing, meditation, arm balance and many more
Duration: 90 – 120 minutes